Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hours 15 & 16

I can't believe its almost midnight already! Where did the time go?!?! I'm barely tired. I slid into a laying position while on the couch and my mom frantically texted a fellow RAT friend (Jen@Random) to send me a wake up text. She sent me this picture....

Because my mom threatened to toothpick my eyes open if I fell asleep like I did last RAT. So nice of them huh? Way to gang up on me guys! JK you know I love you both!

So anyway, here is my progress

Currently Reading: Green Witch by Alice Hoffman (one chapter left)
Books Finished: Green Angel by Alice Hoffman
L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
Pages Read: 123
Total Pages: 425
Hours Reading: 6ish I'm having a hard time keeping track of this... apparently telling time is getting more difficult as the night progresses.

The Green Witch is not moving me quite as emotionally as the Green Angel did. No tears anyway. But there are so many profound quotes that I have been writing down for further contemplation when my brain can function during normal waking hours. Hard to say which book I enjoyed more... I give Green Witch 5 (hundred) stars too!

OMG my mom just brought out the OREOS!!!! Be still my taste buds! 


  1. Ha Ha - love the toothpick photo! That's good you had a nice BF break, and now you have Oreos to give you energy for hours to come! (Hopefully)

  2. She won't do that. I think she said it didn't work anyway. I would stay awake just in case.

  3. Currently reading "Green Angel" This book is about a shy girl who lives her life trying to figure out why everything is what it is. Every day, her and her family go down to the city to get food and seeds for her mother¿s garden. Little did she know that tragedy would hit the town the day she was forced to stay at home. Her life was changed and she was alone.
    I absolutely loved this book because it constantly kept my attention! There was never a moment that I was not completely surrounded in the depth of Green¿s life.