Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hours 10 & 11

Love love love the wake up video for hour 10. I love black eyed peas and secretly aspire to marry Will.I.Am someday!

Currently Reading: L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
Pages Read: 68

Total Pages: 125
Snacks Consumed: Trail mix
Hours Reading: 2.5

I'm getting a headache and keep yawing! What am I going to do when it gets well into the night?!?! Mom please don't toothpick my eyes! I saw oreos on my mom's list of snacks... I wonder when we will be breaking those out... soon I hope! 

Mini Challenge: Book Trailer hosted by Quirky Girls Read

This is a book I am dying to read!

See you in a few!

1 comment:

  1. Yes that book sooo like it was written just for you!
    I won't have to break out the toothpicks if you just don't fall asleep! Heeheehee.