Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halfway point!

We're on hour 12 already! So sad how time flies when your nose is deep in the pages of another world. Finished L.A. Candy and all I can say about it, without giving anything away, is this: dirty, rotten, skanky, fame seeking, lying, manipulating, whore! There... got it out of my system! Read the book, it's worth it!

On to my next book, Green Angel, suggested to me by my mother. This book is beautiful inside and out! The exquisite cover is just as enchanting as the poetic story that unfolds between it.

Currently Reading: Green Angel by Alice Hoffman
Books Finished: L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
Pages Read: 62
Total Pages: 218
Hours Reading: 3.5
Snacks Consumed: Cheese & Crackers and Coffee


  1. LOL! That's quite a recommendation for LA Candy! I've not tried any Hoffman, but heard good things. That looks like a great snack too!

    Here's a little cheer for you, to help keep you going!

    (To the tune of "Rawhide")

    Readin’ Readin’ Readin’
    Keep those pages turnin’
    Your page count it’s a growin’
    It’s all about the Readin’

    So glad you could join us today!

    Shaunie from team CocoaPuffs

  2. Here we go! Hope you are having a blast. I'm really ready for this second half. Happy Reading!

  3. HALF WAY!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

    Remember NO SLEEPING ;)

    PS, your cheese and crackers are making me drool!!

  4. Jenn come on over and have some! :)

  5. HAHAHA Not gonna lie, your blurb of LA Candy makes me want to read it!

    Keep on turning those pages and having fun! Also caffeine. ;)


  6. Yep that about sums up the book! LOL

    You know you can basically read anything I hand you and you will love it!

    Love Cheese and crackers, they are a must for any event.