Saturday, April 26, 2014

Begining hour 14

Totally does not feel like we have been reading for 14 hours (well only 11 hrs for me) Amazing how the day can just fly right by! Congrats to my mom for winning a door prize!!!!!

She is very excited!

Also a big thanks goes out to Rat-Boy for once again taking the Husband of the Year award by giving me a massage to boost my reading energy!

Currently reading: The Originals – Cat Patrick (I am LOVING this book!)

Pages read: 65
Time spent reading: 1 hr
Books finished: Size 12 and Ready to Rock – Meg Cabot
Total of pages read: 540
Total of time spent reading: 8.25
Total of time spend blogging: 2.5
Snacks: Orange Spice Iced Tea
Challenges Entered: Name in Titles

Silver is for Secrets
Haunting Beauty
Learn to Meditate
Eat Better, Live Better
You're Late Again Lord


  1. Aw cute elephant!

    Hahahaha! Love your moms 'winning' pics!

    Dang, RATBOYYYY should get some get out of jail free cards for all of this!

  2. Yay I won a prize I won a prize I won a prize!
    That elephant is not suppose to be me is it?

  3. I love the variety of books you're reading -as I can see in from your name spelled out in spines... Nice!

  4. Yay you got your mom to participate! That must be fun. :) It sounds like you're having a most excellent readathon. Rah rah sis book bah!

    1. Actually my mom is the one who told me about the readathon years ago. We have been doing this together twice a year for 4 or 5 years now :) It is fun to have each other.