Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hour 20!!!!! Only 4 more!

Is anyone still awake out there???

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Me: I'm making tea
Mom: How are you going to do it
Me: *long pause* by going out into the field and picking the tea leaves myself of course
Mom: but how are you going to make it
Me:*long pause* ...with ...water
Mom: in the microwave?
Me: *long pause* ...yes
Mom: not the coffee maker?
Me: the coffee maker can do just hot water? Because I have tea bags.
Mom: You can do it that way
Me: how would you have me make it?
Mom: in the microwave is fine.

5 minutes later she comes and tells me that she has tea k-cups for her Keurig and that's what she meant.

Mini Challenge: Book Sentence - hosted by Midnight Book Girl

Playing with the boys - forever changes - the woman of brewster place


  1. That is great book sentence! I wish I were still that clever this late into Readathon! ;)

  2. Hahaha great sentence!
    about the tea... well we were both sleepy.