Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fourth hour down! (20 more to go)

Currently Reading: Forever Changes by Brendan Halpin

Pages Read this hour: 54
Total Pages Read: 128
Snacks Consumed: Sadly none
Quotes Appreciated: "Dear Molly, How's death been treating you? I miss you a lot but I guess I'll probably be seeing you soon."
Mom: is she coming back to life too?!?!
Me: no...
Mom: ohh, the opposite... *thinks for a moment* ... it would be better if she could just come back to life like the girl in my book.

Snacks Challenge - hosted by Uniflame Creates
The challenge is easy! Show us what you are snacking on during the read-a-thon! Make a picture, post it on your blog.


  1. I might have to make a trip to the store. Seeing your snack pics is making me hungry!!

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    2. Hahahahahaha Jen eating sushi???? hahahahahah

    3. Erm, no. I'll pass on the sushi *gags*