Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The RAT is coming! The RAT is coming!!!

No no no... not that kind of rat! The R-A-T... Read A Thon! I got the weekend off again so I will be doing the full 24 hours of all reading, no sleeping! I can't wait!!! Once again, my mother and I will be participating together in her living room! We have great books picked out and fantastic snacks! See you all Saturday morning!!!


  1. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Rats!!!!!!

    Oh! Whew, the read-a-thon!
    Yes can't wait.
    I'm ready for you. Well... I will be after I clean up the RAT central and go shopping for snacks.
    See ya then!

  2. Yay!! My mom and I are trying the mother/daughter duo thing too. Can't wait :)

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  3. Ohh how exciting!! It is so much better doing it with someone. When you're alone who keeps you awake? Or hands you tissues when you're reading a sad part? Or holds your book in front of your face while you're going to the bathroom?

    ... ok so maybe we don't do that last one... haha

  4. Well we do read out loud to each other when we are in the bathroom!