Saturday, April 21, 2012

11 hours down!

Woah almost at the half way mark! I do not feel like I have been reading for eleven hours straight! I feel like I have been reading for two maybe three hours, but definitely not a whole day! My back is starting to hurt :(

Currently Reading: Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins
How many pages: a measly 49
Snacks consumed: Homemade Iced Tea and Sushi!!!!!

Total Pages: 541
Completed Books: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Challenges Entered: Your Favorite Trouble Maker The Fake Steph Dot Com.

This was my conversation with my mom as I read the challenge for hour 11...
me: "I hate these challenges where you have to pick your favorite character! I mean out of the ten thousand books I have read in my life time how could I possibly pick one!? I don't even remember most of the characters I've read about!"
mom: "right!"
me: "... although, one does come to mind now that I think about it..."
mom: *rolls eyes* and then mocks me for the next minute or so.

So anyway... my favorite hero has to be from the series that I read in highschool, Fearless by Francine Pascal. The main character's name was Gaia who was literally born without the fear gene and therefore kicked some serious bad guy butt.


  1. OOOHHH yeah I remember you used to really love those books. How many were there like 57 or so?

  2. I can't imagine reading for 11 hours straight. I know you'll laugh but I'm still on my 10 pages. Lol. However I've got the dog in bed now and after I'm finished commenting here I am determined to read 150 pages tonight and finish my book. Yeah right! I'm going to try though.

    Lame as it is - my favorite character is probably Harry Potter.