Friday, June 10, 2011


Aww! My friend over at At Random awarded my blog! Thanks girl!

How the Award works:

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7 Random Facts:

1. I work with elderly people with Alzheimer's and Dementia at an assisted living home. I absolutely love the job and I've gotten so attached to so many of the residents! The stories they share with me and the moments we have together brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips every day! No matter how bad of a day I could possibly be having, one "I love you" from a resident will make it all worth it in the end!

2. I have three guppy fish in a 2 gallon tank. Their names are Troy Polamalu, Miles Austin, and Chad Ochocinco (David named the last two) if you haven't figured it out, they are all football players. Troy's colors are black and yellow = Steelers (My team) Miles' colors are blue and white = Cowboys (David's team). And David thought it would be funny to have the third fish, Ochocinco, who's colors are orange and yellow, be from the Steeler's rivalry team = Bangles. I guess since he bought the fish for me, I had to let him have his way... We also bought them a little football to sit on the bottom of the tank and they LOVE it! They are always gathered near it or chasing each other around it. They're quite adorable as far as fish go. I also have a Beta fish that my ex-boyfriend bought me, which David lovingly refers to as the step-child. His name is aurora. 

3. I have the constellation Cassiopeia in freckles on my left thigh! The Queen Cassiopeia, is from Greek Mythology. She was the wife of king Cepheus of Ethiopia and was beautiful but also arrogant and vain which eventually led to her downfall. Her name in Greek is Κασσιόπη, which means "she whose words excel". That's always the first constellation I look for in the sky!

4. I have an earring and flip flop addiction! In my oppinion, they are both two things you can never have enough of! As far as earrings go, the bigger and flashier, the better! I must have at least one pair of flip flops in every color, but preferably two in each color (one casual and one dressy!)

5. I am a Christian and God is not just an aspect of my life but rather the compass by which I live! I grew up going to church, sunday school and youth group. I went to a Christian school, Bible college for Youth Ministry, and also interned with a youth group for a year as an assistant leader, and now I am going to a fabulous church about 5 minutes from my house! I am involved with the sound ministry (running the sound board during church), the worship team (singing the praise and worship songs before the service), a private Bible study (about 5 or 6 women, we each take turns every week leading the study) and the youth group. 

6. The only way I remember what my real hair color is, is by looking at the roots when they start to grow in. Ever since about 8th grade, I've been dying my hair. Red, blond, different shades of brown, and just recently dark dark dark brown (almost black). I think my next color is going to be the closest I can find to my natural color so I can see what God intended me to look like. (maybe)

7. My mom is my best friend. She always has been. We never went through that 'angsty teenager who hates her mom' stage. Sure, we've fought, but I have always been close to her. She is my inspiration in life, she is the voice in my head when I don't know what to do. She is what I aspire to be. If I could be half the woman my mom is, I would be satisfied. Everything I am, I owe to her. Like I said today when she told me I owe her for a favor she is doing for me, "Mom, I owe my whole life to you." She even taught me how to book blog, check out hers Wall to Wall Books! Mom I love you!

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  1. 1. I'm pretty dang proud of you ya know!
    2. LOL that is so funny about naming the fish after football players - Go Troy!
    3. I do remember that about you! Interesting.
    4. Hmmm, I wonder where you inherited that from???
    5. Yes, I did manage to raise a pretty good girl didn't I?
    6. I think its brown? no wait, dark blond, no dark brown. Hmm I can't even remember! Well i do know it was very light brown when you were little!
    7. AWWWWWW shucks! You're my best friend too babe! There isn't anyone I would rather spend an evening watching movies with. And you do owe me for that favor!!! LOL

    And Martina said thanks for the award!

  2. Thank you for thinking of me--it is nice to meet you. :)

    The myth of Cassiopeia is one of my favorites so I always look for it in the sky as well. And my mom is also my best friend. Isn't that the best?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Yay thank you for the award :) love the Miles Austin fish - the Cowboys are my team, too!

  4. Love your 7 facts!

    That's awesome that you have cassiopeia on your thigh...I have a birthmark on my thigh in the shape of a whale...not nearly as cool as yours lol!

  5. Thank you so much for awarding my blog - it's good to get to know you! I hear you with the hair color - I have been dying my hair since college and I have lost track of its real color!

  6. Thank you for the award! And very interesting facts :)

  7. @Mom I miss our movie nights, we need to have one soon! And tell Martina she is welcome.

    @Shanyn I'm going to forget you said that and maybe we can be friends lol just kidding. Cowboys are a good team! I respect them.

    @Jenn (two Ns?) I just found a birth mark I forgot I had on my shoulder! It only shows up with I get a tan so during the winter I forget it's there! HAHA

    To everyone else, you're welcome, you all deserve it and it was nice meeting you all as well!

  8. Jen (one N lol). I actually forgot about mine too until I saw your post lol.

  9. Thanks for the award! Your job sounds tough but also very rewarding. And how cool that your mom taught you how to blog about books!

  10. Glad you look up to your mom..that is so great and I raised her!
    Great blog.
    Love your 7 facts.
    Your job sound very interesting and very rewarding
    Love ya,